About Brain

The Guarantors of Brain aims to promote teaching, education and research in neurology and related disciplines, and we started the Brain Conference in 2021 to further fulfil this mission. The conference is jointly organised by the journal Brain and Brain Communications. Our guarantors sit in the organising committee to advise the committee on the latest development in the field of neurosciences, ensuring that the sessions in the conference keep up with the development in the field.

Conference Committee for 2024

  • Antonia Johnston, managing editor of Brain journal
  • Manuela Marescotti, Scientific Editor of Brain Communications
  • Alasdair Coles
  • Rita Horvath
  • Neil Scolding
  • Kevin Talbot
  • Omar Abdel-Mannah
  • Shinjini Basu
  • Viorica Chelban
  • Melanie Fleming
  • Shenghong He
  • Meher Lad
  • Laurent Sheybani
  • Lucia Li
  • Merete Bergmann
  • Min Huey Ong